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* All prices subject to change without notice. * (Fresh Peeled Crawfish Tails are seasonal)

 Frozen Louisiana Crawfish Tails:        $14.99/LB

     Located just 35 short miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Chez Francois Seafood handles fresh local seafood such as shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish straight out of the water.  Our crawfish are from local ponds and the Atchafalaya Basin.  Live crawfish are received daily, then graded by size and sacked according to size. Some crawfish are brought to the processing plant where they are boiled, peeled, and packaged for sell as "Fresh Peeled Crawfish Tails" or flash frozen to sell as "Fresh-Frozen Peeled Crawfish Tails".  We also boil, peel, and pick crabmeat in our own onsite processing plant.  Other items such as fish, oysters, alligator, turtle meat, etc. are received every few days and are kept packed in ice.  Most (nearly all) of our items can be shipped anywhere in the United States along with whatever seasoning you need to prepare your favorite seafood dishes.

     We also ship boiled crawfish and crabs to anywhere in the United States. They are boiled and cooled before they are packed with gel ice packs and shipped. All you have to do is heat and enjoy. Ça c'est bon. Chez Francois Seafood is family owned and operated in the heart of Cajun Country and has been supplying high quality fresh seafood since 1976.

Hours Of Operation:
Monday-Saturday: 8AM - 7PM
Sunday: 10AM - 3PM

*Hours subject to change with each season. *

For Wholesale Inquiries Please Contact Our Office Staff At:

8AM-4PM: Monday - Friday

We Try To Keep Our Site Updated With Current Prices And Inventory, But With Seafood Supply And Demand, Prices may vary.

If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Call Our Office At:

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